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Outdoor Performance Project
Performing sound engineering can well guide audiences, shape characters, set off emotions and display stage illusions. Create the sound needed in the play
Excellent Enterprises of Stage Audio
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Years of experience in audio industry
Guangzhou Lawrence Audio Professional Audio Stage Audio Supplier
Guangzhou Laurence Audio Co., Ltd.

        It is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating research and development, production, domestic and foreign sales and services of professional audio stage audio products.Our company produces a series of audio equipment with its unique appearance.Stable quality, first-class technology, high-quality service and low price win the recognition of people from all walks of life, in similar products, "performance-price ratio" is high.

        LORINSER professional audio system has a variety of different products, which can provide large-scale performance venues.Complete product solutions for sound reinforcement in theatres, stadiums, high-level entertainment venues, multi-functional conference halls and other venues.

        Laurence LORINSER's professional audio system products are well known for their texture, decoration and musical expression, as well as their stability and durability under high sound pressure and high power working conditions.Every loudspeaker of LORINSER can make you feel relaxed and comfortable in singing and the music atmosphere that can fully arouse your mood.

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Addr:No. 36 Fengxiang Middle Road, Jianggao Town, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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